ANYBEARS is an art series, jelly bears for the creation of a series of creative development, it is a symbol for a better healing fudge tasting experience so whatever hope  elaborate any concept of art, the whole process will become so good entrance 、 good taste.

Named reason is the English word BEARS ANY combine new record, a symbol of the development of this series will have unlimited possibilities and imagination, limitless  inspiration and construct a better future desire.


The OGBEAR series is ANYBEARS’ original creation series, which explores various gummy bear creation concepts and takes audiences into a healing art world. Each gummy bear has a unique story, allowing audiences to appreciate, feel, and experience the emotions that each gummy bear expresses. The OGBEAR series showcases the diverse imagination and passion for the art of the ANYBEARS creative team.


The COSBEAR series is ANYBEARS’ pop-culture-based interpretation series. The drawings were inspired by popular culture and classic movies and reinterprets their styles and aesthetics through gummy bears. This series showcases ANYBEARS’ perception and observation of modern civilization and uses the interpretation method to show the infinite possibilities of gummy bears to everyday people, bringing different cultural and artistic styles to the series.